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 Clubs and Associations 

The Rescued Film Project
The Online Photographer - TOP - blog format daily news
The Camera Club of Ottawa new site Nov 2020
2020 New Camera Club of Ottawa
CCO Forum
The Camera Club of Ottawa BLOG
The camera Club of Ottawa Dev site
Camera Club of Ottawa on Facebook
Latow Guild - Tom Stephens' new group in Oakville
Canadian Geographic photo club
Camera Club Studio Booking System
Wantage Camera Club - our partner for the Trans Atlantic Challenge
Toy Camera.com - Mike Barnes, Ottawa
LightLeaks magazine by Mike Barnes
Lomography - toy cameras
RA Photo Club
Current Newsletter
APUG Analogue Photography Users Group
Hybrid Photo - APUG sister site
Modern Mecahnix - photography<.a>
The Guild of Master Craftsmen Black & White magazine
Classic Camera Database
More classic cameras
Big Cameras
Circle of the Sun - instruction for large format
The unblinking eye

  Where to buy things and reviews 

Buy ink Precision Colors Toronto - Mike Lee
Walmart Photo 
OldSchoolPhotolab - all kinds of old processing
3D Prints at snap3d.com
Kodak's Easyshare Website
Loblaws Photolab
Vistek Canada
GPC LabWorks

Ontario chemistry - FilmPlus
Freestyle Photographic Supplies
Lomography - toy cameras and other stuff
Classic film processing
The Camera Trading Company - Ottawa - Mark and Tom
8mm movie film processing - Black and White Film Factory - Toronto
Pacific Rim Cameras - great photos of old cameras
Minolta lenses
Steve's Digital Camera Reviews
Gallery software that CCO uses
Leo's Camera Vancouver
The Camare Store - Calgary
Colour processor machine
B&W film and paper
Great supplier of all kinds of things - PinHole Cameras...
Camera Fusion - view camera with digital back
HUGIN - stitching software for above
Proulx - Ottawa
Cirkut and other weird cameras
Studio lighting website
ZUGA.net Founded in 1999 by Monte Zucker (ZU) and Gary (GA) Bernstein
Lux Photo
Henry's Photo
Aden Camera
Galaxy Camera
Photoco (Canadian Mail Order)
Photo Mats including sometips and allows you to preview your photo (MatoMatic)
Photographer's Formulary - chemicals
Used - Calgary
Free Style Photo - hard to get paper & chems
Black's Photo
GINN Photo

BH Photo
The Silverprint Catalogue

 Photography Companies 

Kodak's Easyshare Website
Paterson Photo
Tetenal Photo UK (chemicals and supplies)

Learning about Photography, How-To's, Tours, Critiques 

Rescue Film - old film developed years later
Care and Maintenance for DSLR and Smartphone Cameras - The Snugg
Guess The Lighting
Virtual Lighting Studio - great!
TheWebDarkroom - Andrew Sanderson
Strobist - Learn about flash
Testing your flash for safe sync voltage
Photography and image capture: the Leica technique and philosophy by Erwin Puts
Is your flash safe to use with modern, wimpy, cameras"
The Radiant Vista Critique site>
Adjusting your monitor and printer for good
Monito calibration
THE Pinhole camera site f295
Without Lenses - quarterly newsletter
making Fine Prints
Pinhole day
Photo Forum FAQ
Pinhole design calculator
Bulk Loading FAQ
Wireless video camera on a train
Better Photo Learning Site
Humphrey\92s American Manuel of the Daguerreotype (1858)
DarkRoom Magic - a site for wet darkroom lovers
Discussion forum on B&W
How I fixed my HorizonT by Pierre Kerr
More HorisonT repair ideas
How to run your photo business
Info about chemistry etc.
Kite Aerial Photography - KAP
Aerial photography NASA
Instructions for Processing E-6 Films
New York Institute of Photography
GoGozo Photo Tours of Malta
Welcome to the PhotoForum List's FAQ files

Online Exhibitions and Photographers

Naomi Harris - voyageur
New York Public Library photos
Victoria Alexander (a good friend) - painting
Monique Wiendels Photography
Vivian Maier 1926-2009 - a New Yourk nanny that was discovered in 2007
Sonny Parker in the Yukon

Richard Avedon
Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
Satellite Photos from Geology.com
Jean Guichard - amazing photo of a huge wave and lighthouse
Albert Watson - B&W film
500px photo sharing site
GoldPaintPhotography - amazing time lapse astro movies
Recommendations from Black & White Magazine
Michael Flomen - firefly photographer
Darren Holmes - Peter's nephew
James Hutchison
Louis Helbig - Tar Sands Aerial Photography
Image Envision - free stock photographs
Len Ward - Ottawa photographer and architect
Village galleries Project - Tanzania
The Infinite Photograph - National Geographic
Vivian Maier - A nanny in the 1950's that always carried her Rollieflex TLR

CCO Members' Websites

Bruce Amos
Jim Marshall - Music photographer
Erinn Cunningham (Hopefully a new memmber 2009)
Darrell Larose
Bruce Amos
Catherine Gardner
Jack Hall
Niels Henriksen
Niels BLOG
James Hall
Rob Huntley
Roy Hooper  


Larry Towell

Guest Speakers and Judges that Spoke at the Camera Club of Ottawa

Lois  Seigel
Michelle Valberg - Stan's favourite
Maryam Waksh
Ela Kinowska
Stephen J. Thorne
Diane Laundy - Kingston Photo Club
David Becker - a visually impaired photographer
Harry Nowell - Ottawa
David Trattles
Matt Young - Kite Aerial Photographer KAP

Bob Knight - Montreal
Bob (Robert) Knight - Montreal
Photography Now - many galleries
Jackson Couse - currently living in Ottawa
The Grange Prize
Vivian Maier - amateur discovered after her death.
Adrienne Herron - Chelsea
Dr. Mark Nowaczynski - makes house calls to the elderly
David Thoreson - sailed the northwest passage
Peter Coffman - friend of Oli Schroer - see his Camino & Oli albums
Worth1000 - Manipulated photos
Guy Dupuis - CCO member
Ottawa Photography Festival
Rick Strong - CCO club member
Cam McCubin - Camera Collector
F1.4 - Sean Duggan
Kids with Cameras in Haiti - Jeff Mills
Catherine Gardner
Edward Burtynsky - Manufactured landscapes
--- Burtynsky is on the board of directors of WorldChanging, an online magazine
The Ottawa Photographic Grid Project
Old Pictures
Photography for Youth Project
Finbarr O'Reilly - world press winner 2006
World Press Winners
Crombie McNeill - Gatineau
Masters of Photography website
John Elliott - Studio rental and RA computer guy
Susan Bird - dogs and toy cameras
Jenny Mitchell - Haircuts and photos across Canada
Lois Siegel - Ottawa Photographer
20 Most Influential Photographers
Maurice Henri - Host of FOTO
Mary Ellen Nealis
Greg Teckles
Daily Critique
Photosensitive - Photographers for Social Justice
Spencer Tunick - specializes in large naked crowds
David Barbour
Michael Levin
A place to find photographers and get listed
Centre for Documentary Studies
Kids with Cameras - Born into Brothels
Claude Brazeau - 2005 Prix d'excellence from RGA
Justin Wonnacott - 2005 winner of the Karsh Award
City of Ottawa Atrium Gallery
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Bruce Amos
Michael Bedford - Contest Judge Sept 2005
MaCleans Magazine Photo Gallery
Lux Photo
Spencer Studio Ottawa - $500,000 weddings
Milt Hinton - Jazz bassist and photographer
Jeff Bridges - Panoramics
William Notman-photographic artist
Hulton Archive Home
Photographs - ArchiviaNet - Library and Archives Canada
CMCP/MCPC Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Toronto Black and White Photographic Lab's Web Gallery and Service Index
Paul Butzi Photography
Impact Photographic Design
Art Sand Photography

 Software and places to store your photos

Fred's ImageMagick scripts
Pic To EXE
Tutorials for Pic2EXE
Gallery - open source application
Album maker in PERL
The GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program
Gimp Magazine Omlline
A free manual for GIMP
The GIMP registry for plugins
Removing red-eye with GIMP
PhotoBucket - lots of free space and bandwidth
Kodak's Easyshare Website

 Camera and film Information

My latest adventure - HOLGA  Holga 120N
Camera Manuals
Holga Mods
Holga Palooza
Square Frog
   Holga Galleries
Nishika 3D 4 lens camera

   Still my favourite cameras
Minolta AF cameras
Minolta X700
Digitaltruth.com The Giant Dev TempCharts

Service Manuals
Saunders/LPL 6700 enlarger
Digital camera adapter to use Minolta MD Lenses
KODAK film reference numbers>
Sont DSC-S75 information
Medium Format Photography Megasite
Panoramic Cameras
Help with Camera Repair
Hasselblad camera models - A Pictorial History
Russian Cameras
Favorite Classics / Yashica 635
Minolta Manuals
Minolta manuals from Konica
The Rokkor Files - XD Series Accessories
The Rokkor Files
Minolta XE-1 family
More Minolta info
And more Minolta...
Still another Minolta site
More Minolta Lens Info
Topics - Koni-Omega Discussion Forum
Koni Rapid Omega
Medium Format Photography Megasite
Experiences with the Horizon 202 Panoramic Camera
Living in Panoramic Format
The Lubitel Manual
The Lubitel 166 Resource Page
Yahoo! Directory Lomo Lubitel Medium Format Cameras
Lubitel TLR
Yashica 12 Twin Lens Reflex Camera
Yashicamat Twin Lens Reflex Camera Guide (Chris Mullin)
Classic Enlargers, Parts, Sales and Service for Classic Omega Enlargers
Half Format 18x24 cameras (5)

Other Art

Richard Haas - master of trompe l'oeil
Junk Garden by Nek Chand in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana
Stephen Clarke
Not a photographer but a wood carver - Randall D. Boni
John Ceprano - the Ottawa River Rock Artist
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