After Work - What to do after retiring

Home Volunteer
Use your brain
Food & Entertainment

Volunteer for a good cause - now that you have the time

The Youville Centre
Wordpress admin
Stride Wheelchairs
  Stride Resource page
Computers for Communities
Computers I sent log
Alteredd Spaces Altered Lives - clean up the place
Do a little work as a freelancer
Project Gutenberg Canada - distributed processing - volunteer here - proofread books - Bernie worked with/for them in 2013
Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts
GoodDayWorkshop - refinish furniture
Coastal Navigation with Warren Chafe
Canada cares - website for caregivers
Society for Science - participate in a science project
Rwanda Social Services - received 8 computers from C4C
Brain Injury Association of Ottawa
Roots and Shoots - Jane Goodall's worthy cause
Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa-Carleton
Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
OCRI - volunteer as a math tutor
Fix Bicycles
Adapted bikes
Put your computer to work - BIONC, Seti@Home
Citizen Science - Discover Something
LibriVox - Record audio books

Resources - wood carving
My Gardening Page
Council on Aging
Put your computer to work - BIONC, Seti@Home
Go to the Gladstone Theatre
Ontario Seniors Guide
Dictate a book using Chrome Dictatnote
A Company of Fools - Shakespeare
Now that you're retired, check out the database of obsolete skills
Ottawa Fringe Festival
LinkedIn - Do it yourself
Fix something at


Bicycle Resource

Make some extra money

A good example of an after retirement business -
Have or go to an Estate Sale - Mary Frances Estate
Contest Girl
Canada Sweepstakes

Keep using your mind

Carleton University Learning in Retirement
A great DoItYourself site with tutorials
Learn to Tune a Piano

Ad hoc list

FSNA - The Federal Superanuates National Association
Pension Office
Grow a Nut Tree
Meal Tracker
Yahoo Find People
Get a job with GreyMark
Planet Walk - walk the planet with a banjo
50 Plus website
Travel and Volunteer
Become a WOOFer
Learn to Write - Richard Taylor
Ontario Publishers
Publish in Canada
Canadian Publishers
LULU self publishing
Cafe Press - self publishing
Traffor publishers
More piano tuning
Piano Technician's Guild - Great resource
Ottawa Chapter PTG
Local piano man
Kite Plans
More Kite Plans
Geneology Software - Gramps
Model Yachting - Andrew Haydon Park Tuesdays and Fridays
Bonham's auction house
Mom's painting on Bonham's
The painting Jan 9, 2007

Food and Entertainment

The Red Apron - great take out food
West End Well
CBC 1 online
CBC 2 online

Randy Bachman "Vinyl Tap" - His personal website
Stuart McLean "The Vinly Cafe"