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Anne Kerr (nee tufts) March 9, 1951 - Febraury 12, 2014
Mom - Gaëtane Labonté Kerr --- December 18, 1919 - May 22, 2014
Dad - Ashton Larmonth Kerr -- January 2, 1916 - April 8, 2004
Gramma - Madeline Tufts June 12 1922 - May 30, 2018
Grandma's 90th birthday
Grandma's 95th birthday
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2021 Rob's company
Heather's website
George's website
Tony and Leslie in France - 2017

Bro' Richard

Slide show of Mad and Dave's trip to Ireland 2013
Les and Arlyn's Blog
Brian and Louise
Cousin Les showing morse code using MorseKOB
  Morse conversion program
Bernie's BLOG about his  trip to Africa, August 2013
  - Photo Gallery
  - and Sean's
  - and Katee's
  - More photos of Ethiopia
The "Kerr Story" home movies (sorry restricted to close family)
  - The "Kerr Story" in-house version, only works in my house
Al Kuiper's Journey Back to Health (a friend from 2 of my volunteer groups)
Program Branch 2013
Program Branch site
Where's Zyg?
- another Where's Zyg?
Musical friend and colleague Daivd Hollis Morgan

The Nostalgia Machine - songs from the past

Sympatico - Richard's e-mail
Doodle easy scheduling
Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary
Anne's 60th Birthday
Skype internet phone
Hemer, Germany School Days
My grade 10 photo 1964-65
My grade 9 photo 1963-64
My grade 8 class photo 1962-63
Hemer re-union Aug 2012
Grant Alternative School
Summit Alternative School
Glebe Collegiate Institute
Glebe School Council

Mad's photos
Mad's Movies
Heather's history
Heather's friends in Ghana - Matty and Oscar
Heather on
The Cherry Beret - by Dad, Ashton L. Kerr 1926-2004
Bernie Gilmore - musician
Brian and Louise in Denmark
Frank Townson
Galway web cams
Nancy Breslin in China blog
Jotu's blog
Kids games - for girls

Happy Birthday

Friends In The News

My solar panel project on Paid-4-Power
's Story on the Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean
Le Phare - where ItChE volunteers with kids
Rob on Google Street View outside his old store PC-Cyber 2010 or earlier (awwww he's been replaced)
Dr. Helen's free lunch
Richard on Radio Canada, Sept 20, 2010
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