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Never Stop Learning


Create Something

Help People


Answers with Joe
The Human Calculator Quirky - for inventors
Invetnors Association of Ottawa
  Design1st - kevin Bailey
The Gates Notes - Bill Gates' notebook and not a computer
LiveHoods - Re-Imagining the City in the Age of Social Media
Software Carpentry - on-line workshops for programming
Open Source Ecology
EndLess Forms
Dr. Yurkovsky's FCT(R)
Interactive map of earthquakes - Ideas worth spreading
Jump Math
Arrowsmith Schools
Stride web development
The Earth Portal - information on the environment from the experts
The Long Now Foundation
PHP 101
Darwin's Papers and Notes
June Callwod interview on The Hour
Don to Earth - BLOG of a 93 year-old
Computer Speech Recognition
One Laptop Per Child
David Suzuki Foundataion
Science projects
African Origins - Man's migration
MAKE things
Lab with Leo - Tech stuff
Expert Village - learn all kinds of stuff from videos

++++ Health ++++

Squamous Cell Carcinima
Pinecrest Queensway Health Centre
Gamma-Dynacare Lab  - does House Call collection
CCAC - Champlain
  - Riding Shotgun blog
College Square Clinic
Appletree Clinic
BayerCare - diabetes login - family health
Serious - recipes
Cancer support
Ottawa Hospital support
BearBrook Game Meats - healthy food
Patients Like Me
Rate My MD
Anosmia - Can't smell or taste anymore?
SinusWars 30 - a homeopathic drup that I'm trying for anosmia
The Brain Injury Association of Canada
Association québécoise des traumatisés crâniens - Traumatic Brain Injury Association
Slow Food International
Pet Insurance

++++ Never stop learning ++++

UDemy computer online courses
- code writing and testing sight for many computer languages
- Python Documentation
The Kahn Academy - another free learning site
MOOC - Massie Open Online Courses
  - C++ CS107
e-Portfolio -
Alan Turing's famous 1936-7 paper On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem,  which worked out the theory of Turing machines and the definition of computability, is available as a PDF file on-line
Schoolism - online classes
Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder
Online reference for HTML - in our house only
Write a Google Gadget
Make a Duct Tape Wallet
Learn a language
MIT Open Courseware
Half a Handy Hour
Acme School of Stuff
The Biringham Grid for Learning
The Biringham Grid for Learning - Virtual Piano
The Encyclopedia of Life

+++++ Shopping ++++++

Patterson Medical

+++++ Create Something +++++

GitHub - software repository
Status Chart - a new type of resume

++++ Help People ++++

Romy Schiller - book about her brain surgery and recovery
Car simulation
Prevent Brain Injury - brother Richard works with them
Pathways to education