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Richard's Progress

Rich using a hand bike

Send Rich a message or e-mail him directly at     itchekerr AT sympatico.ca

August 2009

Another few days at the AQTC summer camp.  I brought my banjo and  Richard played the wash tub bass.  But, I forgot my camera so no photos.  Perhaps the AQTC website will have some soon here.

August 2008

Richard at camp

Richard and Pierre went to the TBI summer camp at AQTC.  Some photos of banjo playing around the campfire and other activites here.

September 2007

Richard "Itche" Kerr, the 2007 Pip award winner at Camp Kanawana.

See the details here

May 16, 2007

Richard has been home since Christmas and is doing well.  He's walking normally although he likes to bring along a Lee Valley Tools walking stick.  He goes for a variey of therapies each morning including physio using  excercise bikes of all things!  They're attached to the floor though.

Mad just finished a Mother's Day visit with Mom bringing her to Ottawa for a few days.  She has some photos here:

Mother’s Day  http://web.mac.com/kerrx010/iWeb/Site/Mom%20May07.html 

Rich May 07 slides

A movie of Rich


December 19

As you can see, Rich has made the big step.  He is walking, and has been for a while.

He is scheduled to go home for good tomorrow.  He has been going home for weekends and returning to the Rahab Center for the week.  He was moved into the "Lucien Bouchard" room for his last days there.  Apparently it was rather luxurious.  

After the Christmas holidays he will start to go to rehab from his home for a few hours a day.  

Mad and Dave are in Stowe with Mom right now but will be returning to Montreal for Christmas.

October 7

I spoke with Richard tonight.  He's been using a walker!  He did 30 metres on his first walk and is looking forward to getting outside.  They don't allow him to go on his own yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.  He's also working out on an excercise bike.  I guess it's safe to sit on it without a helmet.

He said that his week is very busy and he was  looking forward to the holiday on Monday.

September 23

Sorry, I'm a bit late with this report. Mad visited Montreal last week and I went up for two days.  We celebrated Richard's birthday.  Either 51 or 52, we're never sure.  Mad made a slide show of some of her photos that you can find here.


From left to right.  Sok-keng's aunt Liang (spelling?), Kevin Mark's baby, Kevin Marks's mom and our cousin Mary, her husband Mike, Denis the wheelie king, Sok-keng, Sally and directly behind, her husband Alan Aiken, Richard the star, Diana and Brian.

By Diana

Another group photo, with the bad brother Pierre giving Rich horns, by Diana


Andrea arrived after the group shot so she gets her own.  Andrea was the one that gave us the news that Richard was smiling and his eyes were open and following motion around the room.  A bearer of good news.

cake cutting

Rich cutting the delicious cake.  


Denise and Michel as Richard holds up his birthday Superman boxers.

art class

Monday night was back to the normal schedule of art class to rehab his motor skills.  It's painintg on glass, sort of stained glass, a teddy bear in a garden for Kevin.


Rich made a big fuss about the fact that the staff must have drank all the "vin francaise" because he never got any.  It was short for Vinaigrette.


I did a bit of surgery on Richard's clock.  Actually added a bit of weight to persuade it to keep on ticking and replaced the string to hold the weight with some weed whacker line.  If only I had some duct tape.  

Mad, Rich and Pierre

Mad Rich and I on our way home after a good visit.