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A CD, or compact disk, can hold about one hour of music. A CD-ROM, or compact disk Read Only Memory, is used on computers and it can hold about 680,000,000 byts or characters. This is rougly equivalent to 112,000,000 words or about 136,000 pages.

The nice thing about a CD-ROM is that it is very inexpensive to make. You can create a single CD-ROM for about $3.00 and if you produce thousands of them, it is even cheaper. If you by a CD-ROM with an encyclopeadia or game on it, you are mostly paying for the information, not the CD.

Thank you for you question, and here is a CD-ROM for you that keep. It contains computer information which is now too old to be much use. Don't put it in a music CD player, it will make a lot of noise!

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_How much Information can you store on a CD?

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