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What's inside a speaker of a radio?

We managed to hget The Professor, Gord, to answer a few more questions before the end of the school year. Here is your answer.

Another name for speaker is loudspeaker. A good explanation of how speakers work with some neat pictures can be found in the Growing up with Science encyclopedia volume 8 page 735. This can be found in your school library.

The following is from the Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia which is available on one of yout library computers.

"In a loudspeaker, the current from the amplifier is fed to a coil of wire attached to the speaker cone. The coil is arranged so that it is in line with a permanent magnet. As current in the coil is varied, the moving charges are deflected by the field of the permanent magnet. As the coil moves, the cone of the speaker vibrates, causing sound waves to be produced. "

Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Compton's NewMedia, Inc.

ˆcope.Images/" ADD_DATE="791488500" LAST_VISIT="803970584">HST Hot Topi€And as an added, end of the year bonus, here are a couple of small loudspeakers for you to play with. If you attach the wires to a battery, you will heare a click and may even see the speaker move up and down. Your radio sends electricity to the speaker very quickly so that the clicks end up sounding like music or a persons voice.

Have a nice summer.

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