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How does the car work?

Sure are a lot of questions about cars. Of course, a lot of us depend on cars to get around. Not too many horse and wagons used anymore. For you question, we asked Pierre Kerr,, to help us out.

This is not a question that can be answered easily. Cars are built in large factories using a process called an assembly line. What this means is that there is a long building with car parts placed all along the length of the building. At one end, the frame and body of a car are placed on the wheels. Then the car is moved to the next area where the engine is dropped inside. A bit further down the seats and interior is added. Finally, the windows and lights are added. So at one end of the assembly line is a pile of parts and at the other end is a car that can be driven.

Now, to answer how cars work. The engine and the wheels are the most important parts of a car. The engine takes a mixture of air and gasoline and explodes it in a cylinder. This pushes a piston which then turns the wheels. Here is a simple diagram.

There are some wonderful books in your school library that you should look at.


Daphne Butler


Pictures of old cars and factories


Incredible Cross-Sections

Stephen Biesty


Wonderful pictures in cross-section of castle, observatory, galleon, ocean liner, submarine, coal mine, army tank, oil rig, cathedral, jumbo jet, car factory, helicopter, opera house, steam train, subway station, fishing trawler, empire state building, space shuttle

As well, I have given you a picture of a cross-section of a car that I once had. Its a 1974 Datsun 260Z The picture shows a lot of the parts inside of a car.

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