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Yes, your eyes do blibk very quickly. We asked Marisa R., about this. Here is her answer.

The eyes are the most sensitive and delicate parts of the body. The surface of the eye must be kept moist and clean at all times. Soothing, cleansing fluid is being produced all the time in a special gland in the eye socket, just above the eyeball. This is the fluid that tears are made of. The purpose of blinking every few secons is to help spread the tear fluid over the front surface to bathe it. The eyelids are like curtains. They cover the eyes during sleep and when blinking. In average we blink 15 times a minutes, thanks to powerful muscles. And yes, we blink so fast that we do no even realize it. I am glad. I wouldn't want to miss the best moment of my favorite cartoons on tv would you?

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