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How were people made?
How was Emily born?
How was Sammy made, how was I made?
Where do people come from?

Were going to assume that Emily and Sammy are people. You all want to know how people are born. This is a good question for a parent and we think you should ask them too. But we will give you an answer since you have been patiently waiting for IO to ask a scientist.

  1. young scientist in room 3 has done some research and provided us with this answer. She had this to say about being born.

    The baby grows in an organ called the uterus. After about 9 months, the baby is ready to be born. Labor begins. Labor is when powerful muscles push the baby out through a tube and out of the vagina. The tube is usually only 1/4 of an inch wide. Out comes the baby. You were born!

    There are some books in your school library about this subject.

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