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Well, you asked us this question quite a while ago, so we had to take a second look at the sky. Gord O. spends a lot of time gazing at the heavens so he did the research.

The next full moon is February 15, 1995. The next full moon after that is on March 16, 1995. Full moons occur about every 28 days.

The moon doesn't really change its shape. It just looks that way from here because sunlight shines on it differently as the moon goes around the earth. If you look in your school library for the book "The Moon" by Seymour Simon, you will see some pictures that describe really well why the moon has its different phases.

A common source to look up full moons, and actually all the phases of the moon, is a calendar. Most calendars have circles representing the moon's phase. Just to be sure we get you timely information, here are all the full moons for 1995.

Jan 16

Feb 15

Mar 16

April 15

June 12

July 12

Aug 10

Sept 8

Oct 8

Nov 7

Dec 6

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