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Who Invented the 32X?

You had us old scientists stumped with this question until we saw an add on T.V. for the SEGA 32X. Now we know what a 32X is. To try to find out who invented we sent our roving Internet scientists, Pierre Kerr, on a quest. This is what he found.

Jason, at first I thought a 32X was the begining of a math question that you didn't have time to finish, but now I know that it's an expansion unit that can be added to a Sega Genesis game machine.

Like most complicated computer things these days, there is no one inventor but rather a large company like Sega will create a team of designers to come up with a new product. I found an area on the InterNet that Sega used to put up announcements and I have attached what I found.

The first page shows a description of the 32X. It's actually a very sophisticated computer with not one, but two computer chips inside.

The second page is a bit of information about who Sega has hired to help in designing some of their equipment. It states that in April 1993, Sega and a company called Acclaim Entertainment would write to software or programs used by the 32X. It also says that the computer chips in the 32X are made by a company called Hitachi.

Thanks for your challenging question Jason. Our scientists are always glad to search out the answers.

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