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What is this? (piece of hardware found in the yard)

Question from the office

The science committee was stumped for about 30 seconds with your puzzle. The reason we took so long to answer you is that we try to answer questions in order as much as possible. Pierre Kerr,, was nominated to verbalize the answer.

What you have here is a device for connecting two chains together. I didn't have a piece of large chain but the decorative chain I did have show you how it works.

It probably was left behind by someone that used a tow truck or possibly a trailer with a load held by a chain. It's not a device that would be used on a security chain unless the chain was under tension. It would be too easy to simply snap it open.

I've check in a few hardware catalogues and couldn't find one exactly like this, It's possible that it's old, however, it doesn't look as if it's been used very much.

Well, that was easy. Now about that chair question......We're undecided whether it's standing or sitting. Perhaps it's just lying there...

Happy Holidays.

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