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Marisa R. did some research and answered your question.

Organisms on earth can be devided into two groups: the "producers" (or autotrophes) and the "consumers" (or heterotrophes). The producers are capable of manufacturing complex materials from simple ones, while the consumers need complex substances to make the "new" complex substances that they need.

Think of your building blocks. The "producers" start from the plastic and make the building blocks and they use the new building blocks to make what they need. The "consumers" use the building blocks by the "producers" to make whatever they need, but they cannot make the building blocks themselves. The "producers" are the plants; the "consumers" are the animals. What animals and plants do with the building blocks is build their own bodies, develop and grow. Plants can build up complex materials from simpler ones by utilizing the radiant energy from the sun. This process is called "photosynthesis" (see the answer to the question 'how plants grow'). what would the "consumers" (like you) do without the sun?

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