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Teachers have been teaching kids for a long time. Pierre Kerr,, tells you all about schools and teachers.

I'll bet you love school. I found a book called Tell Me Why by Arkady Leokum. In it are answers to many questions including "Why were schools started?"

Here is some of the answer:

From the time of the cavemen, human beings have always taught what they knew to their young (kids). If they had not, no child would have survived. He would not have known which animals were dangerous, which plants to eat, or how to make a fire to keep warm.

After many centuries man learned to write down what he knew. In this way he could save up more knowledge and pass it on to his children and grandchildren.

Once systems of writing had been invented, schools began. The earliest schools we know about were in Mesopotamia and Egypt three thousand to four thousand years ago.

So schools were started to pass on knowledge and to help prepare young people for living in the world.

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