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Will all animals eventually be extinct?

Richard F. answers...

Yes, they probably will. No creatures last forever. All animal species (that means kind of animal) now alive will eventually die out, maybe after millions of years. Probably they will be replaced by different kinds of animals. When the dinosaurs died out, new kinds of mammals evolved. Your school library has some books about how dinosaurs became extinct, about 65 million years ago: "What Happened to the Dinosaurs", by Franklin M. Branley, and "Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs?", by Isaac Asimov.

We also found a poster from National Geographic about animals that have become extinct. There are some animals that are threatened by the effects of man. Let's hope that young scientists like yourself can help to save them.

Keep the poster and perhaps you could hang it up in your classroom for others to see.

Thanks for your question.

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