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IP Addresses
Host Papa CPanel for PierreKerr.ca
  Client dashboard
  WordPress admin
  Edit the shows menu
  HostPap CPanel
  WordPress admin
Host Papa Cpanel - Manage Bernie's website

Computers I sent to Ethipia log
Youille WP login
OCLUG - Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group FreeGeekVancouver
Open Source Business Resource
My Linux Page

- Eubuntu - education version
- Kubuntu - KDE version
- Xubuntu - good for less powerful machines uses Xfce desktop
- Lubuntu - lighter version using LXDE desktop
Linux Jhttp://www.itais.net/help/en/ournal
Raiden - Open Source and Linux forums
Linux MCE project
Linux Mint distribution
The Linux Journal

Computer Projects

3d Stuff

Cults designs
Thangs designs
Cura 3d slicer
Octoprint 3d printing on a Raspberry Pi
3d Printing design at tinkercad Solar Panels on my house monitored at http://www.aero-monitor.com
  - Daily monitor
Draffin Court Website
Kathy's website
Arduino tiny computer
    My Arduino page including 3D printing and Maker stuff
ArdionoEvilGenius book website
Electronics Cookbook
Raspberry PI 
 - Forum at STMLabs
 - The Pi Hut
AndroMedBots - robotics parts
3D Printer project RapRap.org
Learning Ruby on Rails

Scratch computer language
One Laptop Per Child Canada - OLPC
Author of Dummies book - Barry Burd
Rouby on Rails - Ubuntu community
How to Install

LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project
LTSP - in a mixed network
ControlAula - classroom control
WebMail on PierreKerr.ca
3D Printing RepRap
SETI @ Home Is there life out there?
BOINC - Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
GAMBAS Gambas Almost Means Basic
My bookmarks on TinyUrl as http:http://tinyurl.com/pkerr
Learn DeVeDe for Linux
DeVeDe home page
Devede docs
Kino - video capture
PiTiVi - video editor
Cinelerra - video editing
C4C on wikieducator.org
Stride Wheelchairs
CCO Dev site
CCO exec list
CCO Mailing Lists
CCO mail lists
CCO Gallery admin
CCO Stats
Mailman documentation
Tortoise - Interface to SubVersion
SubVersion - Open Source Version control
Wordpress admin on Bernie's stie
NCF Editor
SubVersion Manual
TortoiseSVN - Client for SubVersion


What I use every day

Stellarium astronomy software - excellent.
GAMBAS - Gambus Almost Means Basic - compiler and IDE
Foxit PDF Reader
HandBrake for DVD ripping and converting
ATunes - multi platform music organizer and player
Ruby computer language
Ruby on Rails environment
Amarok - another music orgaqnizer - burns CD's too
Calibre - E-Book reader
Notepad++ A great editor for all your needs
Mozilla Firefox - web browser
Mozilla Thunderbird - e-mail
MozBackup - does backup of Thunderbird, Firefox etc.
OpenOffice website
LibreOffice - son of OpenOffice
LibreOffice Templates
LibreOffice Extensions
Kompozer - web authoring
Audacity - sound recording
KeePass - keeps your passwords safe and secure
GIMP bitmap graphics - like PhotoShop but free
InkScape - vector graphics - like Illustrator but free
The Shield Deluxe - non-free anti virus - 2009 version is crap - don't use it. I've asked for my money back
Avast free anti virus
AVG - free anti-virus
AVG rescue disk, bootable CD
SpyBot - Search and Destroy free anti-spyware
Clam Virus protection - GPL Open Source - free windows & Linux
Clam AV for Linux
Album - creates photo albums. I use it here
Studio Tax - use it once a year for free
UFile online income tax
GNUCash - keep track of your money
 - Gallery modules

Bootable CDs

UnetBootin creates bootable USB sticks
Damn Small Linux
CloneZilla - copies drives and partitions
System Rescue
Trinity Rescue
GParted - partition and format and copy partitions
QIMO - a bootable Linux distro for kids
Ultimate Boot CD - lots of diagnostics
Mirror for Ultimate Boot CD

ISO Recorder for Windows

------ Other software

PLEX Media server
Top 59 Open Source websites
FOG disk cloning
Android Software
GetJar software for Androids

Dyne.org - Linux software inclduing Hasciicam
Android software for Archos 7 home tablet
Abiword word processor
Old Apps - Maybe run on older platforms WIN95/98 etc.
Drupal - cms
StyleSwitcher - to help in accessibility
Amaya - HTML editor from W3C
Runtine . org - Free utility software for Windows
ReactOS - A windows like operating system
My Digital Life - lost of commercial ISOs
DOSBox - x86 DOS emulator
Open Source for Windows
Scribus - desktop publishing
WordPress - web authoring
SoftMaker Office - 2006 version is free
Freenet's Free Software List by Adam Hunt
OpenOffice Forums
SourceForge - open source software projects
EICAR - tester for virus detection
AVAST antivirus
CCleaner - free registry fixer
SilverFast scanner software
VUEScan scanning software
Portable APPS
Free AV
Free Income Tax software
Portable Apps for Windows
Fresh Devices
SME gateway - was E-Smith
Liberty Basic
Elated web design
Alyce's Restaurant - Liberty Basic Stuff
Linux Tutorials
Trinity Rescue DIsk - Linux basic instruction as well
GNU FreeBasic
Freebasic IDE for Windows
Vector Linux
The Linux Store - buy CDs
..Ubuntu newsletter
Palm website
Palm pda software


WIX website builder
Some interesting websites
Use a whiteboard online
Create simple web pages - nt sure if it's free
Coverr - free stock videos
Flourish - create charts
UNTOOLS - better thinking
Tell your story with pictures
Lumen5 - video maker

Cutt.ly shorten URLs
DNS Backup
QR Code generator

Pingdom web tools - test your website
Rogers speed test
Formtools on PierreKerr.ca
Check website for broken links
Virus Scan files
SquareSpace web building
JibJab - make funny videos
Send a fax
Create a calendar
W3C Validation Service
WebDav testing site
Create a funny E-card
What kind of server is that?
Tool to help create .htaccess and .htpasswd
Create Magazine Covers - JPGFun.com
Binary and other convertor
Zazzle.com - create return address labels
SurveyMonkey.com - creates surveys
W3C Tryit page
PanoptiClick - tests your browser for its fingerprint
IPChicken - tells you your IP address
R D Long computer recycling
BitLy - make a tiny urls from a long one
TinyURL - another short url but you choose the name
Anne's 60th birthday website
Make a BobbleHead
BadCaps.net - computers with bad capacitors
Make a world clock
TinyURL - make long addresses smaller
Convert files online - ZamZar.com
Open DNS - a free DNS server
Identify the type of file
Free website counters
Free Websites
Create a Word Cloud
PDF to WORD online converter
Camera Club Dev site
ISP Speedtest
Bytes per day calculator
NetPals - listserv
Netpals new server 2012
2Peer - Roy Hooper
Shields Up - Tests your firewall
Jotti - online virus scanner with many engines
You Send It - lets you e-mail large files
Basic State - monitors websites
Host Papa - Bernie's hosting company
Canaca.net - Glebe hosting company, good domain lookup service
Domain Name Info
Bernie's Old website host
NetPals listserv for Woodroffe and Glebe
Domains At Cost - Bernie's registrar
Host Papa - Bernie's web hosting company
ISP Speed tests

------- Hardware -----------

D2 tablet D2pad.info
Videos about building a 3D Printer - Mendelmax type 3D
Pandigital tablet
NightFallCrew - old computer stuff
Archos 7 tablet
Archos Fans Forum
Archos hacks
Archos ROMs
Android apps at Adroidpit.com
Android 1.5 software
More apps for Archos 7HT
Discussion on custom ROMs for Archos 7 HT
Create your own Archos 7 HT ROM
IBM Thinkpad support
Support page for Compaq EVO W6000

Where to ------- buy stuff -------

UPS - CyberPower
MCM Electronics
Precision Colors - buy your printer ink here
ExcelToner.ca ink and toner
The Pi Hut
The Canadian Pi Shop
The Trailing Edge
Ottawa Laptops
Computer Refurb
Canada Computers
Everbest Ottawa computer store
PC-CYBER - Rob's previous employer - buy your computer stuff here
Tiger Direct
Atlantic Inkjet (inkjet refills)

Newark Electronics
Reset Electronics Baxter Road
Active Electronics
Website hosting and creation
CMD tryout systems
Palm Gear
Computer audit
Laser Printer Parts
ASUS Software | Motherboard Software download menu
Computer Recyclers
StarTTY use for old computers
Coyote Linux Home Page
DontNeedNew.com Canada -

------ How to's, tech specs andtutorials

Udemy courses
Replit learning
Zenity bash gui
Raspberry NAS - truenas
SitePoint tutorial and learning
BASIC-256 Documentation
Ibiblio - good source for documentation
FAQ about Cat5 and other netwrking cables
Android APP Programming at AppInventor
Share between Windoze XP and 7
RoubyonRails for Dummies book website
PlayTerm - videos of the command line
CPU Upgrade charts
GRUB 2 tutorial
Another GRUB 2 tutorial
More grub 2 help
Many pinouts
Installing Ubuntu on a Compaq EVO W6000-
Free Open Source Screencasts - FOSSCasts
ElectronicsPoint - discussion group about all things electronic
O'Reilly Open Book Project - free books
SimplyGuides - Lots of Windows help
Monitor World - monitor specs
ThinkWIKI - everything you want to know about Thinkpads
test Internet Speed - speedtest.net
Test internet speed - testmynet.net
CSS play - examples
SPARCstation 10 SUN4m Architecture
Firewall tutorial
Learn to program a Palm

Learning PHP from Monitor Magazine  Part 1

Our Home network

(This will only work in our house)

Zonemanager videos
PLEX on rec room server
XBMC on Raspberry Pi
XBMC on Raspberry Pink Pi
hal - our main server
The Linux Journal Archives

DokuWIKI at our house

BackPC on hal
Ping results
Inter down log
Internet up log
Check results of network virus scan on hal
Check infected filesfound
Latest in-house backup results on hal
Router - rogers
Gallery on Jimmy
NexStar LX server
Our HP 722C on wireless
Our HP Laserjet Pro M201 printer
hal Gallery
HAL PhpMyAdmin
Drupal on jimmy
Drupal on Jimmy Login in case I remove it from the main menu again - duh
jimmy Gallery Setup
Jimmy WordPress admin
Jimmy WordPress user
Webmin of c4c and hal
GeneWeb on Huey

Old Computers and Magazines

Computer Museum - York University
Text Art and other old text files from the 80'
Robert Tinney - BYTE magazine cover artist
 My collection of Byte Magazine - covers and table of contents
OSI Museum
Dave's Old Computers - Carp
RetroComputing Archive - lots of software for aging computers
The Computer Guy - collects computers
A WANG VS Virtual system
About the WANG VS
Index for BYTE magazine
OSI collector

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