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Richard's Progress

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Rich with goofy teeth - a few years ago

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September 10

I had another visit with Rich.  He's still eating pureed food, but on his own.   We went for two wheelchair rides and his longtime friend Denis came by to show off his wheelchair stunts.  Watch this video of him descending the stairs.  And the photos of him doing wheelies below.  

Denis Wheely

And the sunshine was beautiful for Rich, SokKheng and her aunt.


And rich tried playing the guitar.  A short video here, but give him another week and we'll have Niel Young the second.

Guitar man

September 4

Here is a short video of Rich that a friend of Rich's,  Michel Boursier, took while cousin Mary visited today.

September 3

He has graduated to the RIM, Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal,

He's in room 104
Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal,
6300 Ave. Darlington,
PQ. Canada H3S 2J4

He is eating food via his mouth now and can actually drink water from a cup which he really appreciates.  Sucking on a sponge or piece of gauze just didn't do much for his thirst.

I brought some videos of  concerts of my group One Big Smile and a re-union of the Tulip Valley Boys and Richard really enjoyed it and is now inspired to learn the guitar - again.  His speech is much improved from last week and I easily understood almost everything he said.  He told me that he is more comfortable speaking French and that he feels in English  he stutters.  I didn't notice that.  

Here are some photos of how he looked today.

In the Lift

On his way to the wheelchair for some air.  The orderly, Serge, said that before they had these lifts, most of the orderlies had back problems.  Rich is giving me the peace sign.


It was fairly cool and windy, about 14 degrees C, but he really enjoyed being outside.  The thing on his left leg is a towel hiding his pee bottle.  His right leg is the one that was broken and it doesn't even show a scar where they pinned it.  That's his friend Mike.  Rich got Mike his current job by referring him to a friend, Andrea, that runs a big painting company.  


Anne helped him eat most of his supper but he wanted to try to eat desert himself and he did.  Yummy pureed pears.

So, his arms are working fairly well although he says his left hand is better than his right.  He can move his legs a bit but getting out of bed  himself will be further down the road.