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Who was IO 


Back around 1990-2000, my children went to a great elementary school called "Grant Alterntive".  I t has now moved to a rather typical surbaban building but at the time my kids were there it was located at  2720 Richmond Road.  The building and beautiful mature trees are still there but the building is empty.

Grant Alternative School
The old website that I created is still available at and it will give you an idea of what a fun place it was.

My daughter was there the first year that the school opened as an Alternative school and I attended the school coucil meetings regularly.  There was another parent there that was a high school physics teacher and he and I would talk science.  We decided that we needed to augment the science resources in the school and so installed IO in the library.  Io was about the size of an 8 year-old and had a disk drive slot for a mouth.   That's my son Robert feeding IO.

IO and Rob

We told the kids to put science questions in his mouth and we would have an answer for them as fast as possible.  It was very popular.  I was getting everyone I could to help me answer the questions but spent hours and hours myself.  Of course, I learned an awful lot too.  Who was it that said "The best way to learn something is to teach something".

When my kids graduated from Grant, IO was put on a top shelf and was no longer answering questions.  I kept all the original forms written by the kids and some day my put them in a book.  In the mean time, I have converted some answers to HTML

There was even a question about IO.  Read it here.