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It depends what you mean by Aliens. The ones with googly eyes and green skin are just good stories, scientists haven't seen any like those yet. However, it seems that scientists have now found evidence of past life on Mars. Nothing like big animals, just little tiny germs. It's quite a story and I'll try to summarize it for you.

A long time ago, 4 billion years or so, a rock on Mars was hit by something like a comet or meteor. This little piece of rock was hit so hard that it left Mars and went into orbit around the Sun.

Eventually, it fell onto Earth. It was found a few years ago on the snow in Antarctica. At the time, scientists weren't sure that it came from Mars.

In 1997, scientists verified that it was, indeed, a rock that came from Mars. After some very complicated tests they think they found the remains of some very small life forms. These would have been microscopic and not intelligent. Basically, just some germs.

Thank you for your question.

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