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Who Made God
Is God the first person alive
What made God
Are people made by God or by Nature

These are all good questions. However, they are difficult to answer because there are many different ideas about God. These ideas differ quite a bit from one religion to another. And then, there are some people that have no particular religious belief and may not even think that there is a God.

We would like you to do your own investigation into these questions by asking your parents, grand-parents, minister at your church or even older brothers and sisters. You can also find some books in your school library about religions.

"The history of religions" by John Mayled - 291 MAY

You could also look for books in your local public library.

Now, one of your questions is about people and whether they were alive when the dinosaurs were alive. No, they weren't. The last dinosaurs lived about 60 million years ago and the earliest humans were about 2 million years ago when the first stone tools were used. Again, there are books in your school library about this. The one below has a "timeline" that shows when the dinosaurs lived.

"Children's Guide to Dinosaurs" by Philip Whitfield 567.903 WHI

Also, one of your questions asked who made the first people, whether it was Jesus, God or Nature. Jesus is believed by some religions, to be the Son of God and lived about 2,000 years ago so there were people on Earth long before Jesus. Most scientists believe that humans evolved from the apes just as other animals evolved. There are many good books that describe evolution. A man named Charles Darwin did a lot of scientific work on evolution, in particular, he studied animals that lived on the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. He believed that natural selection was responsible for animals changing.

Thank you for your questions.

Are people made by God or by Nature

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