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Sure are a lot of "How does it work" questions from room 2. Next year you must discover the many books in your school library that show you how things work.. However, for now, here is a description of a camera for you to read over the summer holidays.

A camera does not have to be very complicated. The simplest cameras will have a lens, a shutter and some way of holding the film. Most of the complication comes into adjusting the shutter. Here is a picture of some different kinds of cameras.

The above cameras differ in the way that you aim the camera. Some have a separate set of lenses for your eye and the film, others use one set with a mirror that normally reflects the image into your eye, but when you take the picture the mirror gets out of the way and lets the light hit the film.

Some cameras require focusing, that is, you adjust the lens to get a clear sharp picture. Some cameras can let you adjust the amount of light that goes through the lens with an aperture. This looks very much like your eye, an opening that gets big in the dark and small when its bright.

To get a picture from this, you put the negative into an enlarger, which is like a slide projector, and shine it on special photographic paper. This paper is then placed through chemicals that, like the negative, will make the picture appear on the paper.

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