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We know you've been waiting a long time for this answer and here it is. Pierre Kerr,, used to do a lot of photography and so we asked him.

You probably know that to make a photograph there are a few steps involved. First of all you need is a camera with film. You take some pictures and then bring the film to a camera store to have it developed and printed.

I used to do picture developing myself. It's not that hard. You take the film and put it in a special container that is closed so that the light can't get in. Then you put several chemicals in the container one after the other for a certain length of time.

We that is all done you end up with a negative. I have given you a negative and a large picture that was made from the negative. The reason you call the developed film a negative is because what was dark in the original picture is light on the negative and what was light is dark. It's sort of backwards.

To get the print or the picture onto paper, you put the negative in something called an enlarger. The enlarger is a bit like a slide or movie projector. It makes a large image of the negative on a wall, or in the case of making prints, on your table where you put the special photographic paper.

The enlarger can be moved up and down and the further it is from the table the larger the print. For this print of the penny I had to put the enlarger up almost as high as it would go, almost a meter.

Show the picture and negative to your friends. Maybe some day you would like to make your own photographs.

Thanks for your question and have a good summer.

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How do they make big photographs?

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