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Well, they can't use their fingers. We asked Marisa R., about this and here is her answer.

Different birds eat different things. There are five main sources of food, and a great variety of beaks to cope with them. Birds do not have any teeth to bite and chew their food. Therefore, their beaks are very important. The shape of a bird's beak shows the sort of food the bird eats.

{diagram from compton's}

Some birds eat fruit, others eat insects, fish or meat. The seed eaters (the ones who eat corn, for example, have short beaks ending in a point. The beak is strong enough to crack the husks or shells of seeds. Watch the birds around a bird feeder and note the shape of their beaks and how they use it to crack the seed.

Seed eater birds have also a stomach called gizzard, lined with very strong muscles. When the muscles of the gizzard move the food around it grinds it up small. Seed-eating birds sometimes swallow grit to help the gizzard to grind up the food.

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