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Great question. And why do they have not one but two? Let's see if Pierre Kerr,, can find an answer.

I seem to recall someone talking about this question being on a science show on TV. Too bad I don't remember the answer. I think, however, that I can figure it out.

The human body has lots of parts that are questionable. Why do we have two nostrils? Why do some people have ear lobes that are attached at the bottom and others don't?

When a baby first starts to develop from a sinlge cell, the plan for the way cells will be created is stored in the nucleic acid called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), a giant molecule in the cell nucleus composed of two long, twisted chains of nucleotides. The important thing to remember from all those long words is DNA.

This is what makes a baby human grow to be a human and not a whale. This DNA has a design coded in it that says that all humans will have nipples. The fact that a human has nipples has nothing to do with whether that human is male or female. Whether those nipples ever do anything useful depends on hormones.

This is similar to men having to shave their beards, or in my case grow one, and most women not having whiskers. We all have the same types of cheeks and chins but because of hormones, some of them sprout beards.

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