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How is acid rain made?

Acid rain is a very serious problem these days and we're glad that you're interested in it. Gord O. gave us this answer.

There is a little bit of acid in all rain. This is perfectly natural and is essential in order to maintain the balance of nature. It is only when there is too much acid in the rain that we call it acid rain.

The natural acid in the rain is carbonic acid. This forms when the carbon dioxide in the air combines with the water.

Acid rain happens when some of the things that humans pollute the air with get into the rain. A lot of the electricity that we use comes from the burning of coal or oil. This puts a lot of bad chemicals into the air, including sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide gets into the rain to form sulfuric acid, which is the main acid in acid rain.

Cars also put a lot of pollution into the air, including a chemical that forms nitric acid in rain. This is the second most common type of acid rain.

Acid rain is very harmful to the environment. It is bad for our health as it can damage our nose, throat and lung tissues. It is also harmful to other animal and plant life. Acid rain also damages things like buildings, roads, bridges, cars, statues, clothing and just about anything else it comes in contact with.

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