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Can you show me a picture of a Velociraptor?

There certainly is a lot of interest in dinosaurs. We got tow young scientists in Barry Silmser's class, room 3 to help us with this question. Chris M and Chris S (I guess dinosaur experts have to be named Chris) gave us this answer.

Velociraptor means "bird of prey" and this dinosaur was very likely that. Lightly built for speed and agility, it had a long, low head and a flat skull. Although some if its relatives, including dromaesarus and dinonychus have been found in North America.. Velociraptor comes from Mongolia.

The shape of its head and mouth suggests that it was a variety of coelurosaur that developed around the diet it got.

One skeleton has been found with its hands clutching the head of a Protoceraptor. Both dinosaurs seemed to have died in the final fight to the end.

Velociraptor had long fingers, each with a large claw. This would have made it efficient at killing its prey before eating it. Each foot had four toes. The "big" toe was turned in. The first toe had a huge claw and the other two were used for standing on. It could run quite fast and probably lived and hunted alone.

Raptors were so smart that if they were alive today they would find out how to use weapons and stuff like that.

Length: 6 feet (2 metres)

Take a look at these books in the school library for some great pictures and more facts:

The Rourke Dinosaur Dictionary

Joseph Hincks



Kathryn Jackson

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