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These are very tough questions for a scientist to answer. Your parents, or someone at a church may have an answer to offer. We did, however, find a young scientist that took on the challenge. N. from room 3, gave us this answer.

The God is not invented. He is not like a human. The God is like a spirit. No one can see him. God was not invented by anyone.

We also consulted the Compton's Encyclopedia and this is what we found there.

GOD. The name God has been applied to the supreme being who is variously understood in the many different religious traditions. Even within a single tradition, there is often great diversity of thought about God, which has resulted from changing conceptions of God's nature as they have evolved over the centuries. This diversity leads to the conclusion that there is no direct knowledge of God based on perception-seeing, hearing, and the other senses. Knowledge of God is based on intuition, deduction, or induction. This knowledge is a result of perception of the way the world itself is constituted.

This basically means that we don't have any direct, scientific knowledge about God.

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