Back to  Is it true that if you hold your eyes open wide and squeeze, will your eyes pop out?

Yiikes, I hope not. I know we've seen cartoons where the characters eyes pop out, but I sure hope it doesn't happen for real. Just to be sure, let's get a young scientist, K., room 3, to do some research and find out for sure.

No, it is not true. The eye is connected to the brain by a nerve called the optic nerve. Also it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, even if you hold them open. If you try, it will probably end up as a cough.

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Childrens' Britannica Volume 7 Engraving 90

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That's right Kim. As you can see in this diagram, the optic nerve is connected to the eye. As well, there are muscles at the side. These are the muscles that allow you to move your eyes. They are very strong and woulde certainly stop your eyes from popping out.

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