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Why are there so many butterflies in the world?

We took your question to a young scientist across the hall from you. Miss J. in classroom 3 did some research and provided us with this answer.

There are so many butterflies in the world today because 75 million years ago the first butterfly appeared on the earth. It laid around 30 eggs, and then those eggs hatched. They went through three stages before becoming a butterfly. Now you have about 32 butterflies on the earth. If those butterflies laid 30 eggs each, you get more and more butterflies. Today there are over 20,000 different kinds of butterflies living.

The first butterflies lived with the Dinosaurs for around 10,000,000 years. Butterflies have existed for the past 50,000,000 years. Today most butterflies are dying from the pollution in the air caused by gases. Butterflies and moths form the second largest group of insects, beetles form the largest. A butterfly's egg is no bigger than a dot. There are not two butterflies that look exactly alike. Every different kind of butterfly behaves differently.

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