Back to  Will the sun explode and will there be no more people on the earth?

Oooh, what a scarry thought. However, we must be proper scientists and look for the truth. We had some help with this question from a young scientist in room 3 H. K. found this answer.

In the book Cosmos by Carl Sagan, he says our Sun was formed five billion years ago.

Like other stars, our Sun will not live forever. This is what Carl Sagan says will probably happen to our Sun.

"The death of the Earth and Sun. Several billion years from now, there will be a last perfect day. Then, over a period of millions of years, the Sun will swell, the Earth will heat, many lifeforms will be extinguished, and the shoreline will retreat. The oceans will rapidly evaporate and the atmosphere will escape to space. As the Sun evolves toward a red giant, the Earth will become dry, barren and airless. Eventually the Sun will fill most of the sky, and may engulf the Earth."

You don't have to worry about the Sun blowing up soon, because it won't explode for another 5,000,000,000 years.

Also, we found a recent picture from the Hubble Space telescope that shows the remains of a star that blew up 15,000 years ago. This star was bigger than our sun and so exploded as a super nova.

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