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How do you make buildings?

Thank you for your questions and I hope you've been patiently waiting for and answer. IO has been giving us a lot of questions and we are finally starting to catch up. For you answer we asked Pierre Kerr, to do some research.

Claude, there are many different kinds of buildings and each one is made in a different way. If you look at the tall buildings in downtown Ottawa, these are made from poured concrete. Concrete is a mixture of small stones, water and a mixture of chemicals called cement. This mixture is stirred in a large truck and poured into forms that are made of plywood. After a day or so, the concrete becomes as hard as rock.

Most houses are made by first building a frame out of wood and then covering it with a variety of materials such as brick or aluminum. This diagram is from Compton's encyclopedia and shows the parts that make up a typical house.

{picture from Comptons}

There is a good book in your library all about buildings:

How do you make buildings

Building Homes

Graham Rickard

catalogue # 690-RIC

You will alos enjoy this wonderful book with pictures of the insides of many things including one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Empire State building.

Incredible Cross-Sections

Stephen Biesty


Thank you for your question.

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