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We had a lot of scientists that wanted to do research on food. I guess they thought they were going to get a free pizza to try out. Well, Talis Eric Johnson, from room 3 put together this very good answer. We'll see if we can find him a cookie.

All food is processed from plants like fruits, vegetables and grains. There is also meat provided by the slaughter of animals like cows, pigs and chickens. You also can get food from trees and bushes. On trees you can get apples, cherries and pears and on bushes you get blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. There are also dairy foods like milk, butter and ice-cream that comes from the milk from cows. Then there are fish like trout, salmon and pike.

Books in the Library:

The World Book Encyclopedia Book Number 7

The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada Book Number 2

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