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Well, Christmas is over for another year, however, a young scientist in room 3 wanted to try his hand at answering an IO queston. M. would like to give you this answer and suggests you look at some of the books that he found in yur school library. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Santa Claus used to be a man named St. Nick. St. Nick died and became Santa Claus. Now every Christmas Even when all the boys and girls are in bed, he comes and gives toys to the good children. A long time ago if children were good they would get an orange in their stockings but if they were bad, they would get coal. Santa Claus is magic. He can get all around the world in one night because his reindeer can move really fast. Sometimes Santa Claus can't bring you what you want but he usually knows what you will like.

Books in the Library:

Santa Clause is Coming to Town - EQUA by Carolyn Quattrock

A Thingumajig Christmas EKEL by Irene Keller

The Christmas Stocking EPRI by Matthew Price

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