Back to  How can a spider eat bugs and not get sick from the germs?

I'll bet somebody told you not to eat bugs because it would make you sick. Well, I don't know why you would want to, but they were probably right. Marisa R. sent in this answer.

Spiders would get sick too if they ate "bad germs (or microbes)"...But not all the microbes that they eat are "bad", or like to live in the spider's body.

Humans too eat a lot of microbes. Thinks of all the ones that you put into your mouth when you do not wash your hands before you have your snack!! Not all those microbes that enter your mouth will survive the digestion processes and among the ones that make it, some do not cause any sickness, others are even good for you. Have you ever though of all the bacteria that you eat when you enjoy your yogurt?

Someone once said that "dirt" is just something in the wrong place. Well, it's sort of the same with germs. The Compton's Encyclopedia says:

One often hears of the harmful things bacteria do. It is true that many do cause sickness. (These are popularly called germs.) Others are responsible for the spoilage of food. Many other types of bacteria, however, are helpful to mankind. Indeed, without them there would be no plant or animal life on the Earth.

Why are there people.

Oh geeeeeee! Scientific robots like me know why they exist... To answer

questions. But I do not know why humans like you did not figure out yet why they exist. Various philosophers and religions try to answer the question, but is seems that they came out with

different answers. Did you ever asked your parents? I am sure that they have their own answer... And, as I said, the answer depends on the beliefs of each person. There is no universal scientifically

proved theory. If you ask me, for example....I think that humans exist to ask questions and find answers.

Question for you, Pierre;

Are you still thinking of giving a little "something to each child (now that the number of questions is growing so much?)

I will pick some of the "questions left from the old list and I am sure I can help with some of the new ones.

Have a good weekend...Going to the Santa's parade tomorrow?

bye for now. Marisa.


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