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Sammy (q. 33) , room 12

Your answer was given by Mrs. Jo H. who happens to be very good at sewing. She sends you this.


  1. First you get a pattern.

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    go to a store that sells fabics (materials for making clothes)

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    look through the big pattern books (or a magazine like this one) to find a picture of the kind of jacket you want to make

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    buy a pattern for that jacket in the right size for you

    This pattern will tell you everything you need to know about how to make the jacket.

  2. Next you buy all the material and other things you need to make the jacket.

    The pattern has a list on the back of the envelope that tells you how much cloth to buy for your size. You might have to buy two kinds of cloth - the lining of the jacket is usually not the same as the outside. The pattern will tell you how much to buy of each kind of cloth. Maybe if it is a winter jacket you will have to buy another kind of cloth to put between the lining and the outside part to insulate the jacket and keep you warm.

    You will have to chose the colour you like.

    The envelope will also tell you what other things you need like thread, buttons, or maybe a zipper if you are making a winter jacket.

  3. When you have all the material together you can start working on the jacket. In the envelope is a sheet of paper that tells you all the steps you need to follow to make a jacket.

    The first thing you do is use all the pattern pieces to cut out the pieces of the jacket. There will be some diagrams to tell you how to place the pattern pieces on your material so that you can fit them all in.. There will be a piece for the back of the jacket, two pieces for the sleeves, two pieces for the front and some extra pieces maybe for pockets, and a collar if the jacket has a collar.

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    first you pin all the pattern pieces on your material

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    then you cut out all the pieces carefully using very sharp scissors

  4. After everything is cut out you start to sew the jacket together. The instruction sheet will tell you all the steps to follow to make your jacket. You start at number 1 and do each step until the jacket is finished.

Jackets are a lot of work to make, but if you break the job down into little steps and do them one at a time in the same order as they tell you on the instruction sheet it is not too hard to do.

Jo was nice enough to give you a pattern and a magazine that has lot's of information abotu sewing. The pattern and magazine are yours to keep, but share it with your classmates and perhaps other students in the school.

Thanks for your question Sammy.

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